The Southern New England Softball League provides a great atmosphere for anyone and everyone to learn and play softball in the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts areas.

Currently there are six teams in the league, providing everyone in Southern New England an opportunity to have fun, make friends and stay active.

The league is an active member of NAGAAA (The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association).

Email us @ [email protected] for information, to make comments, and/or suggestions.

2011 Standings
Chez Est123
168 York St88
Frank's Place412

Softball is a team sport with a ball, a type of baseball. The softball resembles a grapefruit in size, is softer than a baseball, and has a slower flight speed. Both men and women play softball.

There are several game varieties: Fast pitching, Slow pitching, and Modifight pitching.

What's the difference between softball and baseball

Not so long ago, the object of interest of fans of mobile sports has become a new game. We are talking about softball - an analog of baseball, once part of the Olympics. It is considered a simplified and less traumatic version. This game originated in the nineteenth century in the United States. It can be played as outdoors on the sports field, as well as in the gym. Also, for fans of sports betting, you can easily root for your favorite team and win money at Fairspin casino games.

In many countries where baseball is widespread, softball is also popular, as non-professionals and women prefer it. Differences in softball from baseball are aimed at reducing injuries and are adapted to the lower physical abilities of the athletes.

Softball does not require special physical training. This sport is prevalent among non-professionals. Therefore, both girls and guys can play it. Moreover, thanks to softball, you can improve your physical data and later easily switch to baseball because your endurance for a year of training will almost double. To buy the game equipment does not need much money, so even a child can try this sport. And the main rule of the athlete on the field is to show attention, resilience, and agility.

How did it appear?

The game originated in 1887 in the United States. Journalist George Hancock created it. Moreover, he was involved in developing the process and setting the court and equipment requirements. From the beginning, the game was very similar to baseball and was particularly popular among the American population but could only be played indoors. Initial attempts to come up with a name for it came down to terms such as ""kittenball"" or ""mushball.

The first tournament was held in Chicago, and in 1895 the first women's team appeared. The game became known as softball about a hundred years ago, and in 1952 the International Federation emerged. Currently, the latter includes one hundred and thirty countries. For a while, softball was even part of the Olympic Games.

Differences from baseball

Softball uses:

  • a softer ball that resembles a grapefruit in size;
  • a slightly larger and shorter bat;
  • a small area;
  • seven innings.

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Softball Rules

The game always starts with the pitcher pitching. The main thing is to ensure the hitter can't pick it up.
The hitter has the right to hit the ball only if it hits the strike zone, which is located from the chest to the pitcher's knee. The umpire must keep an eye on this.

The ball must not hit over the pitch. An outfielder who manages to get around each home plate and back gets one point.

Behind the hitter is a catcher who accepts underthrown balls. If the first hitter does not hit three pitches and the ball is in the strike zone, he is out.

Whoever scores the most points wins. If ""tied,"" an extra round is added.

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What equipment is needed?

  • Glove. Leather is used as the material for its manufacture. The catcher must play with a special glove.
  • A bat. It is usually aluminum. When choosing, pay attention to your height, as this is the leading indicator of comfort in the game.
  • Helmet. At your discretion.
  • Cleats. Metal cleats are forbidden because they are injurious. Buy with rubber or plastic soles.
  • Protective ammunition. Special gloves represent them with a bat and protection for the chin and chest.
  • Kicks the ball.

Health benefits:

  • improves physical condition;
  • improved endurance;
  • strengthen the body and increase immunity;
  • improvement of emotional background;
  • strengthening of the muscular corset;
  • support the nervous system in a calm state;
  • improvement of respiratory function.

In addition, you can develop not only leadership skills but also responsibility and communication skills with the team.

If you like activities, then pay attention to softball. Analog baseball, part of the Olympics, is famous among young people in America. Thanks to the latter increases concentration and skill. In addition, it is safer than baseball.